Residential parking zone (RPZ) preparations initiated – June 2017

  • In response to projected concern that the closure of the South Bellevue Park-and-Ride will create “spill-over” commuter parking within Enatai, the City has been preparing for a residential parking zone (RPZ) on the streets closest to the Park-and-Ride, as there will continue to be bus service on Bellevue Way during construction.  John Murphy at, 425-452-6967 is the person to contact in Neighborhood Traffic Safety Services should residents observe a high number of cars parked on neighborhood streets.  He has shared the following points:
    • Streets closest to the South Bellevue Park and Ride have been pre-emptively approved for a residential parking zone (RPZ) by City Council.
    • This approval does not mean a RPZ is currently in place; rather, the legal framework has been created to allow residents and staff to work quickly to implement the RPZ if there are issues with commuter parking in the neighborhood.
    • If City staff reviews streets and finds a spillover parking issue (based on percent of cars parked on the street, percent of those cars being non-resident), community support is then needed to implement the RPZ.
    • Community support is needed because a residential parking zone, while discouraging spillover parking, does require the installation of signs, and for residents to procure parking permits if parking on the street, which may not be welcomed by residents.
    • There is additional information available at:
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